Since the creation of B & B Condos, we have clearly defined our reason for being (mission); the image of the future that we want to create for our company (vision), and also the principles that underlie our way of doing business (values). This is the basis of our strategic thinking, the common perspective towards the future that we want to build for our organization. Each link in the chain that makes up our service entails a series of commitments unavoidable, and above all, tangible; like the quality, the satisfaction of our clients and the respect to our social and environmental surroundings.


To be the leading company in building management services (condominiums) and housing (subdivision) in our region (the Mexican Caribbean); creating heartfelt experiences with customers (owners and managers), relevant opportunities (growth) for members of our team, the maximum value for owners and generate a positive impact on the community (to generate added value to our customers).


To be a leading company for our approach to service quality and satisfaction of our customers (owners); always guided with integrity, transparency, social and environmental responsibility.


The values ​​in BB Condos are complementary and interrelated; and they are the basis of our business culture:

Quality. Our commitment is maximum; achieving this is a continuous challenge and dedication on the part of all the members of our organization, since it encompasses us all. Quality becomes a powerful tool to create value and make our product attractive, creating differentiation in a competitive market marked by low quality and prices includin; the implementation of maintenance programs preventive and timely information.

Customer orientation. For our organization, a quality service is a customer-oriented service (owners and managers) understanding their needs; offering a personalized service. A pleasant working environment, empathy and solidarity among the departments of the organization are key factors for our strength to be human capital, being our internal client.

Social and environmental responsibility. Our organization adopts habits oriented towards sustainability; we look for the common good with a marked sense of duty. We are aware that our activity should be a potential example in our society.

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